TDC68, the Type Directors Club 68th annual international competition, recognizes typographic excellence and innovation, while maintaining its ongoing commitment to the art and craft of typography and design.

This commitment continues with 25TDC, the 25th TDC Typeface Design Competition, which recognizes the most relevant in new typeface designs.

Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are not accepting any physical submissions this year. All submissions will be digital.

Judging Process

  • There is no winning tier structure of gold, silver and bronze – all the best work is awarded a Certificate of Typographic Excellence.
  • Each specialized jury has been selected and composed of the top creatives and designers from across the world to judge all submitted entries.
  • During the judging process, the jury will base their decision on usage of the letterform and in typeface design, the best letterform design.

Notice for Students

New for 2022 the TDC Student Competition is now a part of the One Club's Young Ones Competition. Please visit the Young Ones site for more information.


  • Early Bird Deadline: October 29
  • Regular Deadline: December 17*
  • Late Deadline: January 26*
*late fees apply for all entries entered after December 17

Important Info